This is my website, and I refuse to write a bio about myself in the third person. We all know I’m writing it, so let’s not pretend I’m not.

That being said, I grew up in Corsicana, Texas—big or small depending on where you come from, East or Central Texas— also depending on where you come from, and a whole host of other identities that spark a wide variety of feelings depending on where you come from. I was born into a crazy family, like we all are, with a lot of emphasis on hard work, and very little put on the importance of art, creativity, or self-expression. Unfortunately for my crazy family, I preferred the latter.

I live in Austin, Texas with my wife, Amanda, and our insane Vizsla, named Tilly, and together we make a small family, crazy in our own right. More than anything, we love taking care of our friends, getting outside, and worshipping our creator. As for work, I am proudly “figuring things out,” as the stiff-necked small town folk might say. I work part-time at Bougie’s Donuts & Coffee, frying donuts and making coffee, while also picking up freelance work as it comes. I’m reading books (crazy, right?), teaching myself new things, and dreaming of the day I can summit Santiago Peak (pictured on my website’s cover page).